Careers After Video Gaming

While many gamers often say that they would love to design, code, market or otherwise create a lucrative career in the video gaming industry this often just doesn't pan out.  What can be done, however, is use the ability to think quickly and creatively - as well as use the ability to convey how technology can influence buying decisions - and use that skill to market new products & services.

Some of the industries are "sub niches" of the marketing industry.  Two of these are:

  • Experiential marketing
  • Disruptive marketing

To give a better example of how the gaming mindset can translate into a career, here is a sample video of an exhibit at the Perot Museum in Dallas Texas.  It features the ability for kids to race against a NFL running back inside the museum:

While this is just an example of what can be done, the approach is further explained by Steve in the following video.  He runs 900lbs of Creative, and discusses the benefits of experiential marketing:

This ability to capture an audience actually can benefit the company for whom you may serve.  Here are just some of the reasons:

  • A company always wants to lower its cost to acquire a new customer or client.  Ideally the company wants a new customer at no cost
  • No matter what the technology and area of the country, the highest odds for any company to acquire new customers is to have some form of "word of mouth" marketing
  • Experiential (or disruptive) marketing can capture someone's interest, if done right
  • This ability to capture interest is becoming an increasingly precious commodity in an era of so many advertising messages
  • If someone who has a fun time with the experience then he/she may be influenced to share positive messaging with their friends & family via social media, text, e-mail or other communication.... including real world word-of-mouth!
  • Done right, the upfront cost of an experiential marketing campaign often can benefit the company, who wants to convey a specific message, with both direct and indirect revenues or other "assets"

Hopefully this gives you something to consider once video game playing gives way toward career planning.