Games In Non-Traditional Locations

Most people think of games being played in apartments, suburban homes, college dorms, and even office buildings.  These are the traditional places where games are played when on a computer or console.  Of course, you have games being played on mobile devices; but they usually are being played in or near the traditional places.

With the increase of wi-fi and high speed mobile devices, new places where games are being played are starting to increase.  For example, people are playing games in medical offices where people are waiting for doctors while in the waiting room.  This is both for patients and family members who accompany them to medical facilities.

Another interesting location is on the mobile home, trailer and RV park properties around the country.  With the increase of RV parks being used as affordable extended stay lodging, and with internet being provided in these units as part of the amenities, people in RV parks are starting to play video games in some manner.  Some are even playing against each other at night on the same property as a way to have fun and build community.

Some of the other places where non-traditional players of games are starting are the coal mining camps, such as in Northern WV and SW PA and the nearby areas.  These communities typically are not known for playing of games, but the increase of mobile technology and similar features have given people in these areas access to game playing.

The types of games, of course, will vary.  Some will play games related to sports.  Others will play FPS games.  Yet others will play adventure games or MPG games.  It is interesting to see people in these areas, long considered to be non-players, and the types of games they play.

Feel free to share your stories if you live or spend time in non-traditional areas where games are starting to gain acceptance in recent years.