What is fun is to learn about those who love videos that you wouldn't expect to be gamers!  You get to learn and discover more about people's passions for the games, sometimes which exceed their passions for entertainment such as professional sports, concert going, attending the latest movies at the theater or watching live dance performances.

Some of the reasons why they love certain games, either recent or older games, also opens up sides to their personalities that very few get to know.  You often can learn about someone's background, beliefs and views on certain situations depending on what games that person enjoys playing.

For example, an engineer in the Northeast loves playing older video games.  The reasons are plentiful, but it reminds him of time with family and he also enjoys some of the simpler backgrounds and music behind these old games.... some going back to the 1980's.  Even though the games are simpler as compared to today's game plots, character development, and game play there still is something interesting about the older games in terms of fans connecting with the experience and getting absorbed in the story.

Another example is a lady who is an attorney in the Mid-Atlantic region.  She loves fighting games, even though you would not expect that from her at first.  She enjoys the mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and older "Mortal Kombat" style of fighting games; and she believes that these help her relieve stress before coming home after a long day at the office.

While waiting for garage door parts, another guy in Texas enjoys games on his phone to help pass the time.  He may play interactive word games, some multiplayer games and sports games.  Even though he doesn't have much time due to running the business, he can take a few minutes occasionally in order to reduce stress and keep in touch with friends when he plays against them online.

In all, these older professionals seem to be enjoying video games even when their outward appearances would indicate otherwise.  What about you?  Any fun stories about non-traditional gamers?  If so, please contact us and let us know so that we may consider your suggestions for a possible future inclusion.